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Savor International Cuisine at Dishes of India - The Kingsley Blog

Savor International Cuisine at Dishes of India

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Dishes of India’s butter chicken dish may be simple, but the culinary craftsmanship is so exceptional that it’s still the most popular entree on the menu. Also known as murg makhani, this traditional Indian dish begins with chunks of boneless chicken breast, which the chef smothers with a creamy tomato sauce and simmers slowly in the classic tandoor clay oven.

This is just one example of the delicious fare on the menu at Dishes of India. While it’s still open for takeout and curbside pick-up, you’re also welcome to sit down in the dining room to try the traditional Indian food. Start with the veggie-stuffed samosas and the overnight-marinated tandoori wings before you move on to a larger tandoori or curry dish. The paneer tikka tandoori sizzles with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and a house-made sauce in the charcoal-fired oven, while the murg masala showcases chicken simmered with a creamy curry sauce. The curries all come with rice and mixed pickles, while the classic biryanis are complemented by freshly crafted raita sauce. Add any of the tandoor-baked breads for the full Dishes of India experience.

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