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Grab a Sweet Treat at Voilá Pastry and Café - The Kingsley Blog

Grab a Sweet Treat at Voilá Pastry and Café

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Chef Mekdes grew up baking and savoring pastries that she lovingly crafted alongside her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother would always show off her finished baked goods with the words, “C’est voila!” It was a nod to the French school where she learned to bake and cook. When Chef Mekdes decided to leave her thriving career in finance to become a full-time mom, she rediscovered the passion for baking instilled by her grandmother—and eventually decided to open Voilá Pastry and Café after some formal training in pastry-making.

She and her team craft lots of delicious goodies at the cafe every day, always offering them alongside a piping-hot cup of coffee, espresso, or tea. Swing by for breakfast to grab a latte and a Danish or a white mocha with a chocolate-stuffed croissant. Later in the day, treat yourself to a dessert inspired by the pastry artists of Europe. The list of rotating treats is extensive, ranging from Linzer and caramel-walnut tarts to eclairs, tiramisu, and mocha tortes. Chef Mekdes also crafts an array of different mousses for your enjoyment, including flavors such as dulce de leche, Pistachio Dream, and passionfruit.

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