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Let Helen Olivia Flowers Design a Bouquet - The Kingsley Blog

Let Helen Olivia Flowers Design a Bouquet

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Whereas big-box florists lack personality in their posies, there’s a personal touch evident in every bouquet from Helen Olivia Flowers. That’s because Helen herself or a member of her small team handcrafts each arrangement, often updating them to use different seasonal flowers as they become available.

So if you’re looking for something truly unique, entrust your bouquet to Helen and her team. The small and spunky Winter Citrus bouquet brings together roses and a few other seasonal flowers in a variety of pink, orange, and yellow hues, buoyed by different forms of greenery and garnished with a slice of fresh orange. It comes in different sizes and types of vases—you can even request a hand-written note to accompany the arrangement. For a more understated but still stunning option, the Neutral bouquet combines cream- and peach-toned flowers, usually a mix of roses and whatever else is available locally, with bold emerald fronds. Helen Olivia Flowers also offers a selection of orchids, succulents, and other houseplants if your sweetheart is looking for a gift that will last long-term.

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