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Surprise Your Sweetheart With Treats From Savannah Candy Kitchen - The Kingsley Blog

Surprise Your Sweetheart With Treats From Savannah Candy Kitchen

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A patty of Georgia pecans swirled with house-made caramel and topped with a dollop of chocolate. If your significant other has never tried the Turtle Gophers from Savannah Candy Kitchen

The festive gift box also includes the candy shops signature hand-dipped pralines and Southern Pecan Divinity candies, featuring a fluffy, sugary egg-white candy topped with half of a Georgia Pecan. If your special someone has a strictly chocolate-oriented sweet tooth, treat them to a box of the chocolate truffles. They’re filled with delicious ingredients like black raspberry, caramel, key lime, and even strawberry cheesecake. You could also pick up a box of apples coated with white chocolate and encrusted with pink and red sprinkles, or the “colossal” caramel apples dipped with a crunchy, gooey coating of caramel and chocolate. Whatever your special someone is into, Savannah Candy Kitchen’s extensive assortment of goodies should include the perfect gift for them!

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