Save Room for Dessert at Gogi Friends

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Recently opened to the public, Gogi Friends is a new restaurant in town serving Korean barbecue and delicious cocktails. You’ll enjoy the modern-style decor and spacious layout of tables and chairs along with a sake/soju bar. 

A few of their popular food items to enjoy are their pork belly, steamed egg, cold noodle, and pork neck dishes. For drinks, try one of their Soju cocktails or Korean wine options. Whether a Original Mojito Soju cocktail or perhaps a Makku Korean wine, pair one of these tasty beverages to sip with your meal. And, if you wish to finish with dessert, they sell egg cakes, gelatos, milk teas, and smoothies to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

They provide catering as well for events, whether a birthday party, graduation or wedding reception. Have a family dinner or meet up with your buddies for cocktails over the weekend and be sure to book a reservation in advance.

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