Happening Now: Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill’s 28th Annual Pumpkin Patch!

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A special fundraiser is taking place in Alexandria, Virginia!  Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill’s 28th Annual Pumpkin Patch is an event taking place from October 3-31, where you can pick any pumpkin you like from their patch. You’ll find various sizes to choose from, including small hand-held to large ones. The pumpkin prices start at one dollar and go up depending on the size of it. A few other items to check out are their homemade soups, bakery treats, and Halloween crafts they’ll be selling as well. 

For over two decades, they have been helping out over twenty organizations through this special fundraiser. Every item you purchase will go towards one of the causes they support, whether you buy a pumpkin or perhaps a fun Halloween craft. A few of the charities they assist and donate towards are Grace Church Food Pantry, Haiti-Micah Project, Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, and Carpenter's Shelter. 

Support a good cause and find the perfect pumpkin to carve and decorate your apartment with that will put you right into the fall spirit. 

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