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Getaways Within Two Hours of Alexandria - The Kingsley Blog

Getaways Within Two Hours of Alexandria

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Happy August! While the month of August can feel like the ‘Sunday of Summer’ don’t give yourself the “Sunday Scaries!”  You still have all month to create your last memories of summer ‘23. While we know our residents love everything about the incredible Kingsley community, we also know getting away can be incredibly refreshing. The good news is that plenty of getaways are perfect for weekend trips and less than two hours away from Alexandria, VA. 

Washington, DC: Our nation’s capital is an amazing choice for a quick getaway for Kingsley community members. Visit the National Mall, Washington Monument, Museum of National History, and so many other incredible historical landmarks. Then, you can spend some time outside of the city and in nature by walking, running, or renting a bike to travel Mont Vernon Trail. 

Annapolis, Maryland: Once dubbed the “Athens of America,” this historic spot draws in visitors looking to explore its boutique- and restaurant-lined streets or experience the magic of the Chesapeake Bay by boat. Discover local museums, cafes, boutiques, and then set up a picnic at Sandy Point State Park or Quiet Waters Park

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: With rushing waterfalls and rocky mountain peaks this national park is the ideal location to get away from the city. If you feel like roughing it under the stars, the park offers five campgrounds to choose from and backcountry camping is allowed with a permit. Or, kill two birds with one stone by booking accommodations in the nearby town of Luray.

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