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5 Reasons Why Alexandria is the Perfect Place to Live - The Kingsley Blog

5 Reasons Why Alexandria is the Perfect Place to Live

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Here at The Kingsley, we consider ourselves lucky to be located in a city as charming and lively as Alexandria. From the rich history to the natural beauty, there are so many reasons why Alexandria is the perfect place to call home. 

Located just a few miles outside Washington D.C., Alexandria offers easy access to the capital while still maintaining a suburban feel. Residents get the best of both worlds with a multitude of transportation options, including a metro system, Amtrak station, and access to major highways. The close proximity to D.C. also means Alexandria is privy to stunning views of the Potomac River, especially along Waterfront Park. The sights of the river are visible along sweeping green banks, perfect for picnics, relaxing walks, and enjoying the natural beauty of Alexandria. Hiking is also a big outdoor activity here, as the Mount Vernon Trail is easily accessible from Jones Point Park. 

Alexandria is also steeped in American history, and is home to many American landmarks, including George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. The Carlyle House, an eighteenth-century historic house, and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, are also popular destinations for tour visits. Alexandria also boasts an impressively intact Old Town district, where visitors can experience the past and stroll along cobblestone streets, see well-preserved colonial architecture, and witness firsthand the history we are so proud of. 

Alexandria is also bustling with plenty of local events and festivals, including a weekly farmers’ market and an annual Old Town Art Festival. There’s rarely a shortage of things to do, including concerts, parades, and seasonal festivals. Local night life is also a big draw for residents, as Alexandria is known for its diverse food scene. Sample cuisines from a variety of cultures and enjoy excellent seafood like oysters, lobster, and more. 

Our community here in Alexandria has so many incredible qualities, from our outdoor scene to our beloved history and culture. We can’t recommend living here enough, and we hope you experience everything that makes our city so special. 

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