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Save Room for a Sweet Treat From Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee - The Kingsley Blog

Save Room for a Sweet Treat From Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee

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Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee makes sweet treats the main event. Its over-the-top confections, many inspired by traditional Asian ingredients, will have you looking forward to coffee and dessert more than dinner. And since the cafe is open late every night, its pastry chefs are ready and waiting to cap off date night with something spectacular.

If it’s your first time at Magnolia, grab a cup of coffee or a latte and enjoy it alongside a fluffy slab of the “original” honey toast. The puffed-up toast comes smothered with fixings like Nutella or green tea-infused cream, plus fresh fruit (and even pocky sticks). Prefer a waffle or croissant? Magnolia’s team loads them with Tokyo-sourced matcha, fresh fruit, and more of the creamy hazelnut spread. On a warm evening, you might want to go for some of the snow ice instead. The creamy, frosty confection features flavors like Thai tea, purple potato (or ube), mango, and coconut. Or you could pair a slice of homemade Thai tea or green tea cake with a specialty iced latte. Matcha, chocolate malt, and rose tea are just a few of the options. Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee also offers some savory bites.

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