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Origins Thai Spa: Start 2022 With Some Much-Needed Pampering - The Kingsley Blog

Origins Thai Spa: Start 2022 With Some Much-Needed Pampering

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According to legend, Thai massage was developed many decades ago after monk Lua-see spent days meditating in the forest. His limbs were understandably stiff after the endeavor, and so he began to stretch, noticing that the pain almost immediately eased up. It led to the development of Thai massage, which is what the therapists primarily offer at Origins Thai Spa.

Treat yourself to some TLC in the New Year with a traditional Thai massage. The therapist will use their entire body to stretch out your limbs, from their hands and elbows to their knees and feet. The approach homes in on 10 energy channels known as Sen lines, applying acupressure to these points in order to unlock tension. If you prefer something a little more familiar, try the Swedish massage. Long, fluid strokes promote relaxation and stress relief with this style of massage. To work out tougher tension, a deep tissue massage might serve as a better approach. For even more self-care in the New Year, try one of Origins’ indulgent facials or body treatments, like the anti-aging facial or the sea salt body scrub.

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